Eat– for Good Health

It looks decadent!  For dieters, it’s true that portions need to be cut when enjoying Cocoa-spiced steak to a deck of card size steak with a small roasted red-skinned potato.  A plate needs to small for this entree, and a vegetable (with second helpings)  will fill it out.  Rub a 3-oz (per serving) lean filet mignon with 1/2 tsp each unsweetened cocoa powder, cinnamon, and pepper.  Grill on the George Foreman or pan-grill until medium rare.  Add sea salt to taste.  A dab of nonfat yogurt is a nice accompaniment with roasted potatoes with rosemary.   The carrot below adds color with the broccolini or try 1 1/2 cups of roasted Brussels sprouts.  If you like gravy, buy fat-free beef gravy in the can and add a little cooking wine and a dash of chocolate cocoa to taste.


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