Places– of Charm

The Malibu Beach and Canyon areas have spectacular views.  The home of the week in the L.A. Times Home Section is a Thorton Abell Malibu contemporary.   The photo below was taken in 1948 from an Abell case study.   Inside, skylights and clerestory windows give house an atrium feel.  This home is a Classic of the SoCal Cool Variety.  After living here in Southern California, the style has grown on me.  

Another couple, both architects, recently built a home in Malibu Canyon that is fireproof.   Having lost their previous home to fire,they still love the area where deer graze on the hillside covered with sumac, scrub and a scattering of oaks.  At night they hear cries of coyotes under a sky filled with stars.  It’s a paradise except for an ever present danger of fire.  The exterior of their home is a hard shell of interlocking, flat and corrugated panels.  Noncombustible zinc alloy with perforated steel just might become the new So-Cal Cool.

Mountains in Malibu Canyon by DixieDolphin.

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