Eat– for Good Health

My husband plays tennis three nights a week.  Dinner is at five and needs to be light.  That is fine with me!  He’s in the mood for hot dogs.  We like them Long Island style with Cole Slaw and prefer them wrapped in a slice of rye bread.  Our meal will be complete with sliced peaches in season. I checked Good Housekeepings latest rating for hot dogs, and here are their results:

First Place: Ball Park Lite Beef Franks topped the other dogs in both taste and texture. “This has the succulent, peppery taste of a classic hot dog!” noted one taster. “Firm, juicy, delicious,” said another. With 50 percent less total fat and one-third fewer calories than most dogs, they’re a home run for Ball Park.

Honorable Mention: With a mere 45 calories per serving, Hebrew National 97 Percent Fat Free Franks are ideal stand-ins for the real thing. While some volunteers didn’t like their slightly coarse texture, these dogs’ beefy flavor scored major points. “They’d be excellent with sauerkraut!” noted one tester.

12 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. Kathleen Rowland

    Yes, and daughter Janice and I signed that very day. Last week cover artist Jordyn Tracy completed a stunning cover for our book, Gold Standard of Thin. Janice and I are thrilled with how she presented it.

  2. Kathleen Rowland

    Janessa, the next step is editing. Publisher Kelly Ann King of Sugar and Spice Press will assign an editor who will make suggestions. We will make any necessary changes.

  3. Kathleen Rowland

    Reba, yes– we have these chapters:
    CH 1: Secrets in our Little Suitcase
    CH 2: Eating for Radiant Health
    CH 3: Nutritional Gems
    CH 4: Recipes from High Energy Nutrients
    CH 5: Exercise for a Body with Sparkling Spirit
    CH 6: Nuggets for Your Inner Self
    CH 7: Making your World Golden
    following this is an index for recipes and a complete bibliography for research we have done for the book.

  4. Reba Studebaker

    Kathleen, actually you said it’s a full length book with a word count of 45,000. Probably hard to tell how a word document translates to a print book.

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