Eat– for Good Health

Be warned, lovers of spicy pumpkin concoctions.  There is a nationwide sshortage of canned pumpkin, L.A. Times writer Jerry Hirschtells us, because of poor weather that reduced last year’s pumpkin crop.  I’ve witnessed bare shelves allocated to Libby’s and Nestle, companies that control 80% of the market according to Jerry Hirsch.

Pumpkin pie is high in calories.  You can get the same wonderful taste with a container of sugar free low fat vanilla pudding, a shake of pumpkin pie spice, a sweetener packet and a dollop of canned pumpkin from a can.  hug-club-clip-art-091.jpgBeware!


Do not allow the come-hither sugar/fat evil one steer you toward the can of pumpkin pie mix.  Buy plain pumpkin.  Because of pumpkin’s high fiber content, it is virtually calorie fee.


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