People appreciation

My hat is off to those who work toward green technologies.  The hydrogen-powered vehicle is still in its infancy although they exist as prototypes.  Hydrogen cars emit only water vapor from the tailpipe and will reduce urban smog, slow global warming and lessen our dependence on imported oil.  Which will be commercialized first– hydrogen cars or refueling stations?  This chicken/egg infrastructure is already being addressed by government agencies in partnership with automobile and energy companies.  When hydrogen cars become commercially availale, consumers and businesses will be able to refuel.  By the end of 2007 there were 150 stations in existence worldwide.  At present hydrogen refueling stations are diffusing most rapidly in California.  Here we are desperate to combat severe air pollution, and the public tends to be forward-looking non-traditionalists.    Hydrogen has been the space program’s fuel for years.

Honda FCX

2 thoughts on “People appreciation

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Hydrogen cars are coming. Hydrogen is made from natural gas using a process called steam reforming. The vision for the future is to generate hydrogen with solar or wind power.

  2. Janessa Breckinridge

    I think the engine for a hydrogen car is internal combustion. But hydrogen stations deliver compressed hydrogen to the fuel tank. There’s a fuel cell to generate electricity.

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