Eat– for Good Health

The 2-oz packages of apple slices are a hot item to give out to Trick-or-Treaters.   Our daughter Janice says the little packages from NatureSeal taste fresh with just a little ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) are all the rage at Downtown Disney where college age kids are flocking for their Halloween Haunt.

Nevena Uzurov - Apple by venkane

Other companies are joining in with their 2-oz packages of grapes.

Janice also shared another (less good!) hot food item being made in deep fat friers in the dorms– deep fat fried cookies such as Oreos.  But here’s another one– make a batter for candy bars and then deep-fat fry them.   Now that’s a brew from witches.

“I’ll get you fat, my pretty!” Day 226 ~ Wicked by dr_nik


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