People craft– getting along with relatives

It’s fun to have Urban Legends tucked into the back of your mind since relatives love to hear them, and they are told best in a dim room with a flashlight under your chin.  Here is the classic, HANGMAN’S ROAD.

A guy and his girlfriend are on their way to a Halloween Party when his 280-Z gives him trouble.  She doesn’t if they don’t make it to the party.  Her boyfriend promised to pluck a feather from his pirate hat and tickle her thighs.  The car completely stalls out along the highway.  At the same time they catch a news flash on the radio warning all people in the area that a lunatic killer has escaped from the local criminal asylum.  Wearing spikes which go with her pretty and scanty waitress costume, she stays in the car while her boyfriend gets out and tinkers with the engine.

His cell isn’t working in the remote area, and he decides to walk to the nearest gas station to arrange for a tow truck.  Having heard more news reports, she is afraid and wants to come.  He tells her she will be safely hidden if she buries herself under the blanket on the floor.  Besides that, he argues, he can sprint.  Finally, after much kissing and fondling, he tells her not to come out until she hears three raps on the window.

The sun is coming up.   She hears a scratching sound on roof of the car.  She becomes even more afraid.  People do come along, and although they look entirely normal, she continues to hide.  An elderly man hobbles along.  By this time, she is curious enough about the scratching to get out.  When she looks up, she sees her boyfriend hanging from the tree by a noose, and his feet are scraping against the top of the car.  The man says, “This is why the road is called Hangman’s Road.”

Cool vine, isn’t it?

Dead Man Hanging (can you see?) by samthegirl.

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