People appreciation

Luis Chiappe, director of the Natural History Museum’s Dinosaur Institute, holds a model of the smallest dinosaur.  Chiappe and his team unearthed fossil remains from storage from within the museum that originated from a Colorado excavation in the late 1970s.  The Fruitadens haagarorum is North America’s smallest dinosaur.  L.A. Times writer John Johnson Jr tells us the house-sized dinosaur was both a plant and meat eater.  What it ate is a new discovery also because previously dinosaurs were labeled as either meat eating or plant eating. The tiny 2-pound creature was nimble and fast, probably running away from 2-ton dinosaurs.  Its teeth were an unusual combination, including a canine-type tooth at the front of the jaw and leaf-shaped teeth in the cheek area.  Visitors to the Dino Lab can view tiny bones of the Fruitadens under the microscope.

Photo is courtesy of Reed Saxon of Associated Press.

Small Dinosaur


3 thoughts on “People appreciation

  1. Reba Studebaker

    Kathleen, seems that we’re learning that there were lots of tiny creatures running around with the big ones. Not to mention all the insects.

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