Places– of Charm

Artist Jennifer Steinkamp’s five new pieces at ACME are so absorbing that it takes time before you can go on to notice the magnatude of her achievement, L.A. Times writer David Pagel explains.  Pagel admires how Steinkamp transforms the medium in which she works, projecting digital imagery one after another and creates a stimulating environment.

Hollywood and Vine

Steinkamp has been exhibiting projected imagery for twenty years.  In 1989, she installed a work, Gender Specific, which was her undergraduate thesis at Art Center College of Design.  It began in a house in Pasadena, an artist run alternative gallery space called Bliss.  Viewers drove back and forth across town to experience this installation and another in a storefront at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.  Ideas about masculine and feminine architecture were playfully manipulated.  Photo is courtesy of ACME, Los Angeles.



5 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. Kathleen Rowland

    The images are swirling leaves, budding blossoms, undulating tress, and jiggling squiggles. All pulsating– doesn’t she do marvelous things with digital technology.

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