People craft– getting along with yourself

This two-second confidence booster is tried and true.  Good posture does more than make Grandma happy.  Researchers at Ohio State University have shown that an upright posture affects how others see us as well as how you see yourself.  Led by Dr. Richard Petty, a team of psychologists divided subjects into two groups.  Those who were told to sit up straight experienced more confidence in their own ideas than those who remained in slumped positions.  The findings add to growing research proving that you you position your body can have a direct effect on your mood.  For example, when you move your facial muscles to smile, even if you are not particularly happy, good feelings begin to flow.  New time you need to present an idea at a meeting , sit up straight.  Chances are you will have more confidence and speak with a surer voice.

Good_Posture by USDAgov.

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