Make handicrafts– for fun

Needlepoint of all types is back in fashion!  In our home, it suits me because I like texture and uniqueness.  The designs range from simple to complex, contemporary to traditional.   For our nautical theme living room,  I’m trying to decide between the following needlepoint pillows which have just gone on sale– the Dutch barge, flying fish, or the galleon.  Needlepoint kits include a cotton canvas printed in full color to match the yarn, the pure wool yarn, a needle, and an easy to follow guide.  The examples below are from Ehrman Tapestry, but there are many needlepoint kits available in fabric stores and other online stores.


10 thoughts on “Make handicrafts– for fun

  1. Reba Studebaker

    The miniature needlepoint tree decorations are my speed– log cabins, bears, skiis. They’re probably designed for kids. Very cute.

  2. Janessa Breckinridge

    There’s a reason why Reba named him Beast. Beast has a horrible temper. Our first encounter was when (next door neighbor) Reba brought him home when he was 6-8 weeks old. Initially, our boys loved him to death but over the last twelve years, Beast has become meaner and meaner.

  3. Reba Studebaker

    Beast’s aggression has been in a geometric progression. If anyone comes into the house now, he will stalk them. The strange thing is that he starts out friendly.

  4. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Exactly. Getting close is part of the cat and mouse game. Beast escalates into attacking and biting them. Rob always positions himself between me and your cat. Beast has drawn Rob’s blood on several occasions, but then a moment later, he can become lovable and friendly.

  5. Reba Studebaker

    Sorry! Please apologize to Rob! When Beast hangs outside by the front door, he’s a watch kitty. When people drop off flyers, he will rub on them like he wants to be petted but if they reach for him, he jumps back and growls then hisses.

  6. Kathleen Rowland

    Beast terrorizes other cats, too. Reba, if you wanted to do a needlepoint pillow of Beast, you would have to buy your own yarn. Beast is gray, the color of crank case oil.

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