Places– of Charm

When guests arrive, they need to put their coats in the front closet.  In times past, guests brought their coats to the master bedroom and laid them on the bed.  This gave them a reason to tour the house and find the bathroom.  But, horrors, this is now.

Our front closet is a dumping ground.  Besides coats and sweatshirts, there’s the upright vacuum, my husbands tennis racket, sailing type-4 seats, a picnic cooler on wheels, extra folding chairs, and leaves for the dining room table.  The photo below from Real Simple magazine has me inspired.  Maybe it’s the vibrant green on the back wall.  The basket and espresso-colored canvas bins are appealing.  Gia Russo is an organizer based in Los Angeles and co-founder of MiGi.  Mostly, there is plenty of room for guests’ coats.


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