People appreciation

In isolated places throughout our globe, people can remain in a time capsule.  Middle Age Lahic, Azerbaijan is a village buried deep in the Caucasus Mountains and the home of 2000 people. You can take a dirt road over a flimsy bridge that skirts ledges, but don’t go when there is ice and snow.   People speak Tat, a Indo-European dialect of Old Persian, and have resisted all invaders except for traders and tourists.   Lahic was originally a copper mine, but that activity has died down.  Because their soil does not suit agriculture, Lahic developed into a handicraft center for carpet weaving, copper and brass works, leather goods, and (not necessarily legal) handcrafted pistols and hunting rifles.  The Lahic villagers trade for necessities such as food and clothing.  They have frequent earthquakes but built structures that survive them.  Copper shop and village scene below–


lahic may 14 (11)

Lahic / Lahij - location map - Azerbaijan


9 thoughts on “People appreciation

  1. Janessa Breckinridge

    Over Thanksgiving break, my husband was talking to our sons about the copper mine in Lahic. Inside it, they used a stone-and-wood cross-tie technique.

  2. Janessa Breckinridge

    I just googled on travel regarding Lahic. You can take a bus there, but there are no hotels. Villagers put guests up for $15 per night. Expect squat toilets, a mat on the floor, no running water and electricity from a generator, but it won’t last more than six hours. They will dote on you with more food than you could ever eat.

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