People craft– getting along with yourself

Revitalize indoor air with houseplants.  Small Spathiphyllum  Plants Levels of ozone, a low-grade aire pollutant, accumulates in houses closed up in winter.  Ozone triggers fatique.  Get some houseplants! Their green leaves soak up ozone, improving air quality and your energy level in just two weeks.  For some extra fresh air, crack your window open just a bit and enjoy the fresh breezes.  This cuts ozone levels by half according to researcher Paula Balillie-Hamilton, M.D.


5 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. Reba Studebaker

    I recently read from an environmentalist that those “ionic air cleaners” that are supposed to purify air actually create ozone.

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Compounds found in some carpets add aldehydes and ketones to the air, and this is why I want wood floors. House plants are great for absorbing the bad air and throwing out some healthy oxygen.

  3. Kathleen Rowland

    Janessa, someday when I don’t have the energy to put up a tree, I will decorate my house plants with tiny baubles and bows!

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