Exercise– for Body and Spirit

The number one reason to get outside today is not to shovel snow.  According to a recent sudy out of Britain’s University of Essex, walking outside will brighten your mood.  Researchers there found that 71%of people who took an outdoor nature walk, even on a miserably cold day, felt happier afterward compared with 45% who took a walk in a shopping center.  Most of the outdoor walkers also felt less tense and reported a jump in slef-esteem, while 50% of the mall walkers said their feelings of tension increased and 44% said their self-esteem dropped.   Take a walk, or try fitting in outdoor ice skating, sledding, or building a snowman.  Winter Scene by justice42

Here in Southern California, we are having another day of pouring down rain.  Admittedly, when I took our dogs on a walk this morning, the rain had lightened up a bit.  Raindrops look pretty hitting water on our Woodbridge Lake.


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