Exercise– for Body and Spirit

Improve your body/spirit image!  Almost all of us have days when we look in the mirror and wish we were thinner, taller, or more athletic.  Women (and men, too!) are plagued with negative perceptions of themselves.  According to Journal of Health Psychology’s national research, as many as 60% of American adults are dissatisfied with their bodies.  If you’re one of them, take heart.  You can change how you feel about yourself through exercise.  You know what happens next– with more confidence, you lose weight and increase muscle strength.  How you “see” yourself makes a huge difference in how you look.  Exercising thirty minutes a day meets minimum requirements to lower levels of anxiety and depression that manifests in body image.  Everyone now and then gets into a self-destructive trap– it might be drinking, overeating, smoking, or just plain sitting around.  A walk is a terrific way to break out of a pattern.

245/365  by YULIA♥ M


3 thoughts on “Exercise– for Body and Spirit

  1. Reba Studebaker

    Kathleen, you are a dear to put that photo of me up here! I totally agree with you that exercise changes how we see ourselves. It gives us that happy bounce of confidence.

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