People craft– getting along with yourself

It’s true–  natural energy from a balanced diet turbocharges weight loss and erases tiredness and chronic fatigue.   Yes, we become stronger, zippier, and motivated when we drop pounds that keep us sluggish.  You probably know that some diets are designed with the kind of food that flushes out the alimentary canal.  This is not fat loss.  Most people lose an average of three to four pounds on the Gold Standard Plan.   Honest and steady fat loss is the way to go.  Even our feet feel better when we drop twenty or more pounds not meant to load down our bodies.  Seven secrets in our weight loss guide, Gold Standard of Thin from Sugar and Spice Press, melt fat and send energy levels sky high.  Flab doesn’t stand a chance.   You will have to avoid “sweet stuff”, the empty calories that set off chain reactions in our bodies that lead to more cravings.   Soothe a sweet tooth with a little container of applesauce and pretend it’s apple pie!  Here are three secrets in the (pretend!) little gold suitcase:

Drink plenty of water.  Even mild dehydration is proven to slow metabolism.  Drink enough water to keep your mouth and lips moist all day.  Dehydration is a hidden cause of fatigue.

Get eight hours of sleep each night.  Eight quality hours does amazing things to restore energy and lose weight.  Proper ZZZZs help us fight fight by maintaining levels of hormones that affect metabolism, belly fat, and appetite.   If you want to lose, snooze!

Go for a walk if you aren’t already engaged in another aerobic routine.  Brisk calorie-burning strolls get blood pumping and trigger feel-good hormones.  Studies now tell us that three bursts of ten-minute exercise gives us the same benefit as one thirty-minute session.

Not that you would walk in these gold shoes, but you can picture yourself in them!

Gold Metallic Faux Leather Platform Heel Pump

3 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Kathleen, I know not to believe claims that people are losing over four pounds a week! Once I lost five pounds in a week, but I wasn’t dieting– I had the intestinal flu!!

  2. Kathleen Rowland

    Thanks, ladies. Janice and I did mucho experimenting. Our bodies were our science projects for a year and a half while we wrote GOLD STANDARD OF THIN.

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