Eat– for Good Health

The hippest drink for 2010 is tart, sugarless cherry juice.  According to Oregon Health and Science University research, cherry juice (with no added sugar or syrup) protects you from pain and injury.  Runners who drank cherry juice daily for a week reported less muscle pain after long distances runs.  The secret to the juice’s power is anthocyanins, anti-inflammation antioxidants.  Cherry drinkers report less dependence on asperin or ibuprofen.  People with arthritis experience less discomfort when drinking cherry juice.

Pata-Made Cherry Juice♡ by Patamora fell in love with...

4 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. Ihave been drinking cherry juice for my arthritis for the past two years after my trainer recommended it. She told me about the Fruit Advantage cherry juice. I tried other but this is the only one with any sedimentation plus it tastes really cherry

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