Eat– for Good Health

We lead such busy lives.  It isn’t always possible to prepare dinner at home, even if we want to.

If we make a careful selection, there is nothing wrong with purchasing ready-made food.  Almost every day while away at college, Janice buys Subway’s 280-calorie 2-inch turkey on 9-grain honey oat bread.  It is fully loaded with tons of vegetables as huge as a salad.  Janice does not eat chips with it.  There is always someone in her group who wants them.  Anyway, I am having a contest and want to make it easy for anyone who would like to enter and win a purse key finder.  In a previous post, I asked contestants to read the excerpt under the GOLD STANDARD OF THIN book cover (on the Sugar and Spice Press website) to get the answer to this question:  What does Janice grab for dinner when away at college? But now you know– it is above– and can enter.   Here’s how– shoot me an email to (an addy I’m using just for this purpose). And then, on the subject line, write “Gold Standard purse key finder”– answer the question in the body of the email.  Don’t forget to give me your name and address so that I can mail you a key finder if you win.

Do something nice for yourself and enter!  Good luck.  I have three of them to give away on January 31st.  You just might win!  I will announce winners, first names only of course,  here at Petals in the Gazebo on February 1st.

-- CLICK to Enlarge --

Using a key finder, you will never wish your purse had a trap door at the bottom so that you can find your keys!


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