People craft– getting along with yourself

Thirty-six percent of women report in a recent poll that the recession makes them feel unsexy, due to the stress of making ends meet.   Sometimes, if a couple are both unemployed for awhile, their sex life takes a nosedive because they spend 24/7 together.  Total togetherness is not an aphrodisiac.  It’s harder to get in the mood when they are worried about paying the rent or mortgage.  Partners sometimes blame each other for making the wrong career choice, one that has been hit hard by the recession.  Blame is a negative emotion.

But what about the other women in the poll? The Nielsen Company, global information and media gatherers, report that condom sales are up.  Turns out twenty-six percent are turning the bust into a boom, bumping and grinding even more since the recession began.  If people are finding ways to have fun, it should be you, shouldn’t it?  Financial hardship can be turned into teamwork.  Getting through a tough situation can bring couples closer.  Plus, what does it cost– nothing!  Quite a bargain, wouldn’t you agree?  If you have a shoe buying habit, shelve it for awhile.  Introduce some novelty into your lovemaking.   How about exercising together to initially get together? Taking care of yourself is very sexy.  Let him watch sensuous you lift weights. Maybe with your less than hoped for job, the pace is less demanding, and this gives you time for creativity. The best bond to cash in on is the one you have with your partner.

Keep your bed looking clean and inviting, just in case…
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6 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. Reba Studebaker

    I need to sneak more nooky into my schedule. My husband is worried about being laid off. Intimacy is something both of us need right now.

  2. Kathleen Rowland

    A passion-filled life will have you coming out ahead on the balance sheet. Money isn’t always the best way to measure life satisfaction.

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