Wordsmith– I also write books

Friends, do not be shy about entering our contest to win a purse key finder to celebrate the release of GOLD STANDARD OF THIN.  The deadline for the contest is noon on Sunday, January 31st when three names will be drawn.  Yes, there will be a trio of winners.   All you have to do to enter is tell me now many secrets are in the little gold suitcase.  One way to find out is reading about the book on the Sugar and Spice Press website.  Another way to to do a “search inside the book” on Amazon.com for GOLD STANDARD OF THIN. To enter, shoot me an email to rowland.kathleen.p@gmail.com. On the subject line, write “Gold Standard purse key finder and email the answer in the body of the email.  Don’t forget to tell me your physical address in case you win.   We chose the sophisticated black high heel:  -- CLICK to Enlarge --

Using a key finder, you will never wish your purse had a trap door at the bottom so that you can find your keys!  By the way, Amazon has rated our book as Prime!

Eligible for Amazon Prime

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