Places– of charm

Among other pieces of art filling with the theme, MAN AND NATURE’S PLACE, The Christopher Grimes Gallery, 916 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica is showing a six-minute video from Richard T. Walker.  L.A. Times writer Leah Ollman reports on this-poignant video, putting it this way:  the artist is a secular searcher perched on a hilltop, facing a valley below, literally addressing the chasm.

He shouts to the vista’s farthest reaches.  He chooses his words haltingly, unsure of where he stands, and talks as if he’s talking with a loved one who is now just bones. Walker’s work and others in the showing are poignant and memorable.   Richard T. Walker: Successive Inconceivable Events L.A. Times writer Leah Ollman describes Walker’s six-minute video with the boom box on a tree stump (which plays mellow music) while the artist (Walker) wonders aloud why mother nature is not showing him affection.

17 thoughts on “Places– of charm

  1. It seems to me that Walker wants to make a point about our human qualities. Often, we do what we want and don’t very often step out of ourselves. Mother Nature, on the other hand, mocks this quality and is amused. Anyway, this body of work at the Christopher Grimes Gallery shows man’s growing estrangement from nature.

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    There are many ways humans act carelessly, and this theme at the gallery goes along with your post yesterday about lakes drying up due to a very subtle climate change.

  3. Pinky

    Kathleen, I’m enjoying my visits here, a kind of workshop that goes with GOLD STANDARD OF THIN. I like the idea of getting outside of myself with your topics while I’m losing weight.

  4. Kathleen Rowland

    Glad you understand the method, Pinky, to wrap our minds around other things than food! I want to ask you, how much weight are you able to lose on the plan?

  5. Pinky

    Kathleen, I just weighed myself, but I did have breakfast. I’ve lost five pounds so far, and I’ve been on it for two and a half weeks. I’m settling into it.

  6. Pinky

    I’m not a person who plans ahead when it comes to food, but I am making myself plan what I am going to eat in the morning. And, I eat meals and snacks at exact times. It really is true that I eat at specific times, I just get hungry a half hour before that time!

  7. Kathleen Rowland

    Pinky, that rigidity thing is what Janice and I found to be true. We made the concept into Secret Number Five: Keep a rigid schedule for eating and drinking water. I am thrilled that you are having success, Pinky.

  8. Kiwana Jones

    If you don’t mind me asking, Pinky, how are you exercising? I’m doing the gym thing, by the way, and dropping an average of two pounds a week.

  9. Pinky

    Hey Kiwana, I am doing a Pilates video but also walking briskly, about forty-five minutes every evening. I’m feeling really good. How about you?

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