Eat– for Good Health

Say freeze!  Frozen meals are about as fast as going through most drive-through lines.  You don’t want to eat in the car anyway!

Busy at college (and a “kitchen corner” consisting of just a microwave, tiny fridge, and coffee pot) daughters Janice and Marla get a “fast food” fixes with healthy frozen meals.  They look for those under 300 calories, 10 grams of protein, and 700 milligrams or less of sodium, low 12 grams of fat, and at least 10 grams of fiber.  For more nutrients and fiber, they nuke a small package of frozen veggies  and add them to the meal.  One of their favorites is Amy’s Indian Mattar Tofu.  This is a  combination of peas, tofu, lentils, tomato, a little onion, and a lightly seasoned sauce with a small portion of rice.  Note that the package is not entirely fat free.  Eating healthy oils makes us munch less overall because it makes us feel full.

Amy’s Kitchen Mattar Tofu


16 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. Kathleen Rowland

    Hey Pinky. Janice’s favorite is broccoli. Marla like a combo of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. They create a little table setting with a paper towel, plastic, and arrange food on a colorful paper plate. They don’t do this every day– just when they are super busy. Or in Marla’s case at Boston U, stuck in a snowstorm!

  2. Kathleen Rowland

    Pinky, their other favorites are brands such as Kashi and Healthy Choice. Most of the time, though, they like to go out with friends to dinner. If they order pasta, they choose whole wheat– same calories but more fiber– and only eat half, sticking to a 1-cup serving. There’s usually a big guy in the group who wants the rest. The time to offer it up is before dipping in the fork.

  3. Kathleen Rowland

    Rachel, look for ones with some form of protein– poultry, fish, legumes, tofu, or low fat dairy, and this will help you feel full longer.

  4. Kathleen Rowland

    A study from the journal, Nutrition and Dietetics, points out that overweight people who ate more protein (not over the top, though) improved their ability to burn fat. One protein fix to a tossed salad is a small can of chick peas. Eat this salad with whole wheat toast, and your meal will contain complete protein. Sometimes I turn the toast into croutons by dicing it up and then drizzle on light balsamic/olive oil dressing.

  5. Reba Studebaker

    I read a review of (NYC housewife reality TV star) Bethenny Frankel’s diet book didn’t hold up when a nutritionist got hold of it.

  6. Kiwana Jones

    I read Glassman’s review on OK Buzz. Looked like she picked a day when Frankel was traveling on a plane and told how she made selections of what was set before her. Kind of picked a less than perfect day, I’d say.

  7. Kathleen Rowland

    So true that not every day can be perfect, Kiwana. As authors, sometimes we get a nice review for a book or a recommendation, and that’s all we hope for. I was happy to see GOLD STANDARD OF THIN featured at the Orange County Chapter of RWA’s February bookshelf. It fell into their inspirational category. Really sweet to get their free advertising!

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