Eat– for Good Health

If your children (or you) are craving a sweet taste, let them help make a snack. Using  a graham cracker as a base, spread on some nonfat cream cheese.  Next, swirl in some sugar-free strawberry jam, and top with chopped fresh fruit– strawberries, blue berries, and bananas.  Kids also enjoy fixing a salad that suits their individual tastes.  Grandson D’mitri jazzes his up with raw trail mix.  Little Roxy (age 3) likes to build people with carrot sticks, sliced strawberries, apple slices, cried cranberries, raisins, and fat free cream cheese– good enough to eat?  salad person by Christaface

First Lady Michelle Obama is taking on the epidemic of childhood obesity and calls her campaign, “Let’s Move.”  She tells of a time when she was a working mom (lawyer) and too often relied on fast food and pizza to feed Sasha and Malia.  When the girls put on pounds, their family doctor mentioned the word, chubby.  To address the problem, Obama took on a balanced approach and simply altered eating habits (with more fruits, vegetables, and smaller portions) and exercised more.

Michelle Obama’s honesty warms my heart.  Maybe we will be seeing photo shots of Shasha and Malia eating green beans, carrots, asparagus, and broccoli but probably not Brussels Sprouts!  I’ll bet they’re out playing in the snow!  The figures fueling the first lady’s campaign are horrifying.  Childhood obesity has tripled since 1980.  A third of American children are overweight or obese.  A study from Center for Disease Control and Prevention calculates that this targeted group will develop type 2 diabetes (which is closely related to being overweight) along with high blood pressure, and heart disease.


15 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. For kids, we need to make healthy food as much fun to eat as pizza. We’re in competition with advertisers! Kids really do enjoy picking out colorful fruits and vegetables in the produce sections or better yet, a farmers’ market.

  2. Rachel Goldberg

    Kathleen, the little fruit person does look good! Using the graham cracker as a base for a snack is great, even for me– nice with a cup of tea.

  3. Pinky Heatherton

    I learned in a class once that prices for fresh vegetables and fruit is higher in poor neighborhoods. Transportation costs are higher to the inner cities.

  4. Kathleen Rowland

    True, Pinky–those communities are under-served, and Michelle Obama mentioned that in her campaign.
    Rachel, glad you like the snack ideas!

  5. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    On the subject of children, had you heard anything about the couple in Torrance, California who brought home a baby from Haiti? I wondered because of Baptist group’s problems.

  6. Kathleen Rowland

    Mary Alice, the Baptist group had wonderful intentions but didn’t realize the red tape involved. Governments need to safeguard the adoption process. The couple Janelle and Bryan Benedict(from Torrance, CA) had their paperwork completed before the earthquake hit. They and their other children (Ashton, Baeler, and Riley) were there to meet their new addition, two-year-old Lovely from Haiti at LAX on Wednesday!

  7. Kathleen Rowland

    Yes, and I am guessing the Benedict couple will keep it. Lovely has been her name since birth. This is what everyone has called her up until this time. The Benedict siblings made a sign, “Welcome, Lovely.” A person from the orphanage was with her on the plane and would easily find the family with the big sign!

  8. Janessa Breckinridge

    An international adoption requires navigation through a lot of red tape. I wonder how it’s going with Esperanza and Edward’s grandchild from Korea– heard anything, Kathleen?

  9. Kathleen Rowland

    Janessa, two weeks ago Esperanza gave me an update. (She is Chinese-American, but when her parents were diplomats in Nicaragua, she ended up with a Spanish name.) Anyway, their daughter and husband (both lawyers in San Diego who for whatever reason can’t get pregnant) are now on a waiting list for a Chinese infant. The waiting list stage is good. This means they have passed through the red tape.

  10. Kathleen Rowland

    Janessa, they don’t care whether the baby is a girl or boy. They specified a sibling group and could end up with a complete family, who knows how many might be in the group.

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