People craft– getting along with yourself

Fill your home with good fortune! You can turn your home into a magnet for prosperity, health, and love by following a few feng shui secrets.

Bring on riches with purple. Associated with wealth and royalty, purple is connected with abundance.  Feng shui experts tell us purple keeps money circulating in your life. 

Click here to view larger image

Find romance with shades of pink, even small touches such as a candle, will have the desired effect.  Increase togetherness with rose scented potpourri.

Nantucket Potpourri, Pink & Green - Potpourri - XpresSpa

Reach your goals with glass. Glass, crystals and shiny objects magnify light around the room and help positive energy circulate properly, amping up motivation.  Place an object an object on a window ledge to multiply the effect, or fill a glass bowl with clear marbles. Faceted Glass Bowl (MDGL1649)(Hong Kong)

According to feng shui, flowers boost our chances of success. Even a photo of flowers or poster can bring us to a state of opportunity.  Daisies can be added to your wall as an inspiration.  These are from RoommatesPeelAndStick.


9 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. Kiwana Jones

    Kathleen, I like the idea of making things go my way. Feng Shui has many practical applications such as not putting an obstacle where you might trip on it.

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Grapefruit really does it for me, Rachel. Rocks and pebbles are my favorite. In feng shui rocks are a symbol of the Earth. I like the idea of being in sync with my environment. That way I am open to new ideas.

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