People craft– getting along with yourself

When a huge (hopefully temporary) setback comes along, it is fine to ask for help.  Take the starving brown pelicans with their strapped finances for instance.  Hundreds of the ravenous birds turned up in parking lots and were rescued by the San Pedro nonprofit center., reports Jill Leovy of the L.A. Times.  Scientists there say pelicans strayed to the far northern edge of their range, stayed too long and ran out of food.  Same is true with people.  Writer Al Martinez describes how life changed when he and his wife, grandparents, took over the care of their granddaughter.


12 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. Grandparents Al and Cinelli Martinez put travel and fine dining on hold and spent an additional $50,000 in four years. Still, they feel it was well worth it.
    Helpers do carry a burden. The San Pedro facility shelled out $11,000, a month to feed the starving pelicans.

  2. Kathleen Rowland

    Pinky, their granddaughter Nicole was a super rebellious teenager and would run away from her home. When “away” she got into trouble, ended up in foster care, and then ran away to her grandparents home who at the time, were on a European vacation. She crawled through the doggy door.

  3. Kathleen Rowland

    According to Al Martinez’ article, Granddaughter Makes Three, Nicole (age 23) is living with her boyfriend in Oakland, rent free in an apartment of a building owned by the Martinez couple. Nicole works part time and also sells paintings, which incidentally, had been published in NYC art magazines.

  4. Kathleen Rowland

    True! Grandparents Al and Cinelli knew they had a very rebellious teen on their hands. They set up rules that were somewhat flexible, and Nicole stuck to them 90% of the time. Nicole liked being with friends and week nights. She could if her homework was done, and she was home by ten. On week nights her curfew was midnight. Nicole (awarded with a cell phone because of her good behavior) phoned if late.

  5. Janessa Breckinridge

    Glad things turned out well. Often when grandparents become parents, it is because of drug or prison problems of parents. Did I say prison problems?

  6. Kathleen Rowland

    Sure is, Reba. That is what we want, and certainly what the San Pedro facility wanted for the pelicans! I always enjoy naturalist Jill Leovy’s articles because of the great detail she puts into them.

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