Wordsmith– I also write books

At the end of each month (to celebrate the success of GOLD STANDARD OF THIN) we have a purse key finder contest.  Wanting to give back, and I chose a gadget that makes a woman’s life easier– finding keys in a hurray!  Today, the deadline for the triple drawing to win ladybug purse key finders.  My husband drew names from his NYU baseball cap.   Congratulations to Charlotte of Leeds, United Kingdom, Chantea’ of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Olivia of Minot, North Dakota.  Thank you, all of you who entered.  If you didn’t win this time, enter again next month to win the Honolulu Turtle key finder.  Just answer the question, “What is Secret Number Five in the little gold suitcase?”  On the subject line, type “Turtle”.  Email me at rowlandkathleenp@gmail.com and don’t forget to tell me your physical name and address in case you’re one of the lucky trio whose name is drawn on March 31st!  You don’t have to buy the book to enter because the seven secrets are free on the internet.

Yes, there has been an appetite for GOLD STANDARD OF THIN because (word-of-mouth) people are following the seven secrets and getting skinny.  We don’t use the four letter word DIET in our book.  Eating is joyous.  Eating is smart with more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and leaner protein.  And, they are filling in their combination– we’ve included over a hundred delicious and easy to prepare recipes.  Most cookie cutter diet books list foods, but not ours.  We don’t lie to you and tell you, go ahead and eat pizza, brownies, and ice cream.   Instead, we have low calorie alternatives that satisfy those cravings but keep you on track.

Here’s my definition of insanity:  repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.  Wouldn’t you agree, that’s crazy? No matter the state of the economy,  DIETING is a lucrative business.   Eating pizza gets you in the mood to eat more pizza for two reasons.  1) You will feel guilty for eating it and having already ruined the DIET day, you will eat more than planned.  You tell yourself you will fast tomorrow.  The next day, you might eat nothing until starved you face dinner which becomes a BINGE.  That’s why people are overweight.  The seven secrets puts a stop to insanity with healthy approaches.

Back cover of GOLD STANDARD OF THIN:  You have two kinds of beauty. There’s the kind you wear on the outside. You’re so much prettier than you think. There’s the kind on the inside, your unique blend of strengths, passions, kindness, and talents that make you who you are. Abounding health is something else, and as you become thin on the Gold Standard Plan, you will have that, too. Can a woman be too rich or too thin?



4 thoughts on “Wordsmith– I also write books

  1. Kathleen Rowland

    Huge, isn’t it! Cheese is often the high calorie component, but this one uses a low cal wedge of Laughing Cow with (big fat trick) some grated yam which looks orange like cheese. Funny how our eyes fool our tummy.

  2. Janessa Breckinridge

    I’ll have to look that one up. I do enjoy your particular skinny latte recipe using the 5 calorie per 2 Tablespoon squirt of Reddi-wip on top.

  3. Kathleen Rowland

    Janessa, if you want to satisfy a chocolate craving, try some Swissmiss. An entire serving of hot cocoa is 25 calories, but just sprinkled on top of your latte and stirred in, is negligible. I’m having one now. The sun is out, and in a couple of minutes, I’ll meet Mary Alice at the pool.

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