Places– of charm

In the heart of the redwoods along the rugged coast, Humboldt County, California is one of those rare, unspoiled places.  Influential people in the Green Party (yes, they get elected!) and eco-minded faculty and students at Humboldt State University keep it that way.  I love how the air smells.

Pacific Ocean view #1 by randyg88.

View from Patrick’s Point State Park of the Pacific Ocean and rocky coast, in Humboldt County, California.
Gray Fox - 0268 by PSer.

Baby Gray Fox, in Arcata,was living under someone’s Victorian house with the rest of his family.
Arcata, CA by kits.

Deer on the road, taken in Arcata.

6 thoughts on “Places– of charm

  1. Janessa Breckinridge

    Kathleen, it is still a remote place. Getting there by car takes six hours from Sausilito– north on the 101 through redwoods. Beautiful drive!

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Gorgeous coastline and forest. My husband Rob wanted to go to Humboldt State, but his parents said it was too far (from L.A.). Interesting history, the county derived its name from Humboldt Bay, named after the explorer. The first recorded entry of Humboldt Bay by non-natives was an 1806 visit from a sea otter hunting party from Sitka employed by the Russian American Company.

  3. Rachel Goldberg

    I’ve been to the college town of Arcata. Very Victorian, and the downtown has green village square where cars park around it diagonally. I stopped at a Starbucks on the square.

  4. Kathleen Rowland

    Rachel, I went to that Starbucks in Arcata also! It is one of the very few chain restaurants because Arcata capped them. Arcata was also the first municipality to ban the growth of any type of Genetically Modified Organism within city limits, with exceptions for research and educational purposes.

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