Places– of Charm

Admission is free at the Getty Museum, 7985 Pacific Coast Highway in Pacific Palisades, but in advance, timed tickets are required for each adult (310-440-7300).  L.A. Time writer Suzanne Muchnic explains the exhibit going on, “The Aztecs, in Old World eyes.”  When the Spanish explorers saw massive icons and paintings created by Aztecs, they sought to understand them by comparing them to classical Greek and Roman antiquities.  For instance, the Eagle was important to both Aztecs and Romans.   The Eagle below, 100-300, was Roman.  The Aztec Pantheon and the Art of Empire, on view at the Getty Villa from March 25 through July 5, 2010, represents the Getty Villa’s first display of antiquities from outside the ancient Mediterranean, and is scheduled to coincide with Los Angeles celebrations of the bicentennial of Mexico’s independence and the centennial of the Mexican revolution.

Comparing two faraway places is a powerful metaphor says Getty’s antiquities curator and organizer Claire Lyons.

Roman Bronze


5 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. Kathleen Rowland

    So fascinating, Mary Alice, that the Aztecs had a kind of winged Satan figure with a feathers headdress and hairy animal legs!

  2. Kathleen Rowland

    Rachel, funny how missionaries could never eradicate the native beliefs! There was always this mix of old and new ideas.

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