People craft– getting along with yourself

Prices for just about everything (gas, real estate, and necessities such as food) fluctuates but then rises.  Because we have to eat, we need to find the best deals when shopping for food.   Here are five ways:  1). Coupons from product websites and local newspapers.  If you see a great item, buy more than one.  2). Buy in bulk.  Make a list and look for items on sale.  Use coupons if possible.  3).  Ask for a raincheck if an item is out of stock.  A raincheck is good for thirty days.  4)  Ask the butcher for special cuts.  The day before Easter, I was shopping for lamb chops.  There weren’t any, and I was speaking about that with a woman also looking for them.  We asked the butcher if he could slice up a rack of lamb for us, and he did.  5).  Shop in the morning.  Lines are shorter, and this is when many clearance items such as produce are marked down.

Start saving.  You’ll feel good about it, I promise!


4 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. Janessa Breckenridge

    What great ideas, Kathleen. Glad you got your lamb chops from the rack of lamb. And the other woman did, too.

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