Eat– for Good Health

About a year ago daughter Marla Kathryn introduced me to Margarita Pizza.  To many people, it’s all about the sauce, but she doesn’t like tomato sauce on anything.  We make low calorie pizza of this variety at home.  A hot oven guarantees that your crust (which can be from the Pillsbury or other “can”) is charred and blistered with pockets of air.  I like crust as thin as a pane of glass.

Ingredients fill one pizza crust:

2 ounces of part SKIM Mozzarella cheese, grated (75 calories per ounce)
½ cup of sliced sauteed mushrooms
½ cup of sauteed spinach, well drained
1 teaspoon of sliced sauteed onions
Photo of: Spinach Feta Pizza

5 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. Reba Studebaker

    Kathleen, pizza comes in so many varieties that are low calorie. I still don’t enjoy sardines on them though!

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Reba, when Rob and I were in Paris a few years ago, we were surprised to see a sunny side up egg on our pizza. It was good, actually.

  3. Janessa Breckenridge

    I’ve eaten pizza with the egg on top. It’s good, like you said, Mary Alice. Last weekend we were in San Gabriel at a Japanese pizzeria and had rice based crust covered with cubed chicken, red onions, mozzarella, shards of dried seaweed and teriyaki sauce. Yum.

  4. Rachel

    There’s a line of Ninja pizzas whose crusts are colored with gray– it’s a bamboo charcoal that supposedly is rich in minerals. Topped with salmon and avocados. Has anyone tried it?

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