Places– of Charm

This is the second day of the “bioblitz” wildlife census within 17 miles of Whitewater Canyon near Palm Springs, California.  This area is home to mountain lions, coyotes, desert tortoises, wood rats, and Bighorn Sheep.  What a cornucopia of critters!  Those doing the counting were 50 rain-soaked researchers and university students.

The photo below is courtesy of Lara Hartley who knows her turtles.  Isn’t it interesting that in battle, they try to turn each other over.
Click to view pictures of battling tortoises.

8 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. Bob Hedges

    That’s correct, Janessa. I confess, I’m a forest ranger but enjoy visiting here! One problem we’re having– coyotes will sometimes mate with domestic dogs, usually in (rural) areas where the coyotes are plentiful and the breeding season is extended because of the warm weather. The resulting hybrids, called coydogs, maintain the coyote’s predatory nature, along with the dog’s lack of timidity toward humans, making them a more serious threat to livestock than pure-blooded animals.

  2. Wade Coleman

    Gosh, is this the day the guys appear? Alright, I like the recipes also. Bob, I would not have guessed coydogs (this is a new term for me) would be a more serious threat to livestock than pure coyotes. Interesting.

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