Exercise– for Body and Spirit

Feeling tired or blue?  A brisk walk can turned your life around.  Three half hour walks per week will strike improvements for sedentary women according to research experts from the Louisiana State University’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center.  In Dr Timothy Church, M.D.’s study, within six months, walkers experienced better mood, greater ease performing everyday tasks, and increased enjoyment of social activities.  That’s because they had 20% more energy, says Dr Church.  Exercise is one of the seven secrets in the GOLD STANDARD OF THIN weight loss plan of supreme simplicity and extreme results.

Gold Standard of Thin

15 thoughts on “Exercise– for Body and Spirit

  1. Always remember, you have two kinds of beauty. There’s the kind you wear on the outside. You’re so much prettier than you think. There’s the kind on the inside, your unique blend of strengths, passions, kindness, and talents that make you who you are. Abounding health is something else, and as you become thin on the Gold Standard Plan, you will have that, too. Can a woman be too rich or too thin?

  2. Janessa

    Kathleen, I’m a walker who does a once a week yoga class. Walking for weight loss really works. Of course, calories have to be watched, but I lost twenty pounds.

  3. Janessa

    I used the formula in your book, Kathleen– my present weight times seven. I weighed 155. Times 7, that was (rounded up) 1100 calories per day. It worked! I lost 2 to 3 pounds a week.

  4. Reba

    I’m used to it and never eat empty calories– I’m 5’8″ and weigh 120. I have an exercise bike in front of the TV– I know all the CNN news!

  5. Bob Hedges

    Ha, you guessed right. Wade, I’m making the root beer float on page 112 of GOLD STANDARD OF THIN– a can of sugar free root beer, 1/4 cup fat free milk, and ice cubes. I munch the Popcorn and Trail Mix concoction on page 110.

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