People craft– Getting along

Job hunting? If you are interviewing at a law office, corporation, or bank, wear a skirt suit.  The jewel neckline suit below sends the perfect message.  You will look strong and organized.  The best colors are brown, tan, charcoal, navy, and black.  Never go barelegged.  Wear hose that matches your skin tone.  Two-inch or lower plain heels are ideal.  Silence your phone, mind your manicure in a neutral or pale pink, go easy on the makeup and fragrance.  It’s fine to wear your hair down, but keep it looking neat and out of your face.  If you are interviewing for a creative job (at magazines, art galleries, or advertising agencies) start with a suit base such as the bubble skirt suit below, or add pops of color, pattern and texture (with the shell) to a more simple suit.  Shoes need more detail, a pattern or interesting clip over the toe.  Good luck!

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3 thoughts on “People craft– Getting along

  1. Reba

    A watch is very nice. I agree that even designer jeans are not a good choice for a first interview. A pants suit is much better, particularly khaki if it’s a more casual place such as a florist shop.

  2. Kathleen

    If wearing a skirt suit, the skirt length should reach the middle of the knee when you are standing. Make sure your top fits well– and no low necklines. A simple shell looks fine.

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