Exercise– for Body and Spirit

Lose weight all over by hitting the streets, beach, or bicycle path at least three times a week. Two female girls jogging on the sand beach in late evening light by mikebairdRun, jog, or walk.  Most importantly, have fun just knowing you are going to budge stubborn pudge.  With some floor work, you will be the fittest ever.  You will need good shoes for adequate cushioning and foot support.  Ladies, don’t forget the jogging bra.


8 thoughts on “Exercise– for Body and Spirit

  1. Kathleen

    Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! If you are making tacos or tamale pie, go light on the flour/corn products but heavy on salads without fatty dressing. Add jicama, mango, cucumber, oranges, and watermelon to the lettuce.

  2. Kathleen

    You are so right, Mary Alice and Reba. Soup can be good or bad. I will look for that soup at Native Foods, Reba. And, then I will experiement, figure out how they make it, ha ha.

  3. Reba

    On the subject of sports bras, they’re good for large busts (protecting them from sagging) but also give you lift and a little bit of cleavage. The halter sports bra is attractive for smaller busts as well by accomodating what you have and maximize it at the same time.

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