Places– of charm

Mini-apartments are catching on when renters need to be in a high-end area (with an abundance of jobs) and refuse to commute.  A dimininiative space of 350 square feet in Santa Monica is a pricey thousand a month, but it’s close to the ocean.   These high-end spots have waiting lists!  The design imperative is to fit as many features as possible into a small space without making it clasustrophobic.  Does getting rid of stuff make a person feel untethered?


6 thoughts on “Places– of charm

  1. Kathleen Rowland

    That is correct, Reba, and the kitchen is pretty much a closet unit. Everything is a step or two away from the next thing.

  2. Bob Hedges

    The whole is the size of our master bedroom, but if a person is single and can’t communute, this is not bad.

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