Exercise– for Body and Spirit

When we’re emotionally involved with something requiring physical movement, that’s when we burn the most calories.  Sailing requires constant movement, standing up from a sitting position, squating to see other boats under the mainsail and bending backward to watch the luff for wind shifts.  My husband and I don’t race the Shields, but it is a top performer.  I admit to having fun passing other boats but try not to be obvious about it.  Probably that comes from years of racing as a kid, having started as a kindergartener.

Sailing the ocean blue by arubow4

I never learned to wind surf.  Johnny was 12 when he got his first windsurfer. 

Wind 'n' surf by Steve Attwood


One thought on “Exercise– for Body and Spirit

  1. I’m so lucky that my husband enjoys sailing. Our daughter Janice does also as well as one of three sons, Johnny, who is a wind surfer. Seems people either love sailing or don’t.

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