Places– of Charm

 I have a renewed interest in herbaceous perennials because they need less maintenance, less water, and fewer pesticides than annuals. Flowering bulbs and ornamental grasses fall in this category. Once prominent in many landscapes, these enduring plants give seasons dependable effects. 


 Vigorous daylilies come in many colors, from yellow to crimson, but my favorite is the common tiger lily, sometimes called the ditch lily.

8 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. Before Easter, to decorate the living room, I set a potted white lily on the living room coffee table beside a homemade egg tree. It’s in the backyard now, but just this year (as an Easter flower, I’m guessing) garden centers were selling many colors of Asian potted lilies and had sales in May. I bought six discounted bright orange lilies which have now stopped blooming. I’m going to “miracle grow” them back into blooming, but in the meantime, I’ve planted dwarf daylilies in front of them.

  2. Bob Hedges

    Kathleen and Mary Alice, don’t give up! Wait until your Easter or other potted lilies have finished blooming. Then tip the plant out of its pot and gently break up the root ball. Plant outdoors in a sunny location with well-drained soil rich with organic matter. Good drainage is a key to successfully growing lilies.
    Plant the lily bulb 3 inches below ground and mound an additional 3 inches of soil over the bulb. Plant bulbs about 12 to 18 inches apart and water thoroughly to get things going.

    As soon as the foliage begins to die, cut the stems back to the soil surface. New growth will emerge. All lilies like their roots in the shade and their heads in the sun. A thick layer of mulch will provide that environment.

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