Wordsmith– I also write books

Recently, usually in January, I teach a point of view writing class for a chapter within Romance Writers of America.  In 2011 I will give a class at FROM THE HEART ROMANCE WRITERS.  Publishers of romantic fiction want two POVs, one from the hero and one from the heroine.  If its romantic suspense, the villain gets one, too.   From my experience, the best stories come from snippets of real life and genuine attitudes.  I am from the Midwest but have an unromantic attitude about RURAL LIFE because many of my family, territory settlers in the 1800s, lived in abject poverty.  Some were massacred by Indians and others lived in ramshackle houses that smelled of dry rot and leaned to the southeast as wind whistled through them.  At the same time they relied on neighbors to survive and built interdependency.   In the book I’m writing now, THIRD COUSIN, ONCE REMOVED, hero Byron Blackstone reflects those values of deep loyalty, but the setting is at Big Bear Lake, California.  His family has run Skipjack Bait Shop for generations.  Rich and spoiled heroine Penelope Avery faces ridicule as the only person of interest in her parents’ murder.  For fifteen years she’s faced hostility from the tight community, but Byron gets on track.  As a writer, I want Byron and Penelope to sound, feel, talk, and be themselves.  

Big Bear Lake–>

Big Bear Lake: big bear lake Big Bear Lake: Sunset in Big Bear Big Bear Lake: Big Bear Lake Big Bear Lake: big bear lake

3 thoughts on “Wordsmith– I also write books

  1. Kathleen Rowland

    Hey Wade and Bob– I think you’ll like him. He wears a ball cap that reads “100% Bearass”, definately a guys’ guy.

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