People craft– getting along with yourself

What methods do you use to stay connected?  I enjoy blogs because I can choose to go there.  I like knowing what people think about certain topics, and if I don’t post a response, that’s okay.  I might not have anything much to say.  Typically the over-fifty crowd is not on Facebook, and that’s because we belong to country clubs, drop notes in the mail with the goal of making the recipients laugh, maintain our Christmas card list, phone from landlines or cell in order to talk over something or schedule lunch.  Unless they have a “business interest in mind”, typically middle-aged persons in prestigious positions (busy doctors, lawyers, accountants, entrapreneurs) are not on facebook.  Their social network in on the tennis or golf course, or at shore or lake areas, various boating clubs.  They see Facebook as time consuming and also too hoi polloi:  anyone can be on Facebook, and if it were sunk, they wouldn’t know it was gone.  One of our daughters, Marla, dropped off because she was getting messages on the wall and found it tedious to respond. Her friend wanted immediate answers as she was making decisions about her wedding which she called off recently. Our other daughter, Janice, couldn’t live without it, particularly since she just returned from a month-long CollegeBreak-sponsored European trip and wants to keep up with the close friends she’d made.  How do you like to stay in touch?

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12 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. Facebook to me is a way to promote my photography and meet other photographers from around the globe. I become familiar with areas where I’ve never traveled and learn of new and exciting places.

  2. Kathleen Rowland

    Hi Bonnie– you have exceptional talent as a photograher, and people want to go to yours. I love how you capture your travels on film. Probably few can do it like Bonnie Rannald. If you had a blog, everyone could go (not just those on Facebook).

    1. Janessa, thank you very much for your kind comment. I would love to have you join me on Fecebook. I now have 3 Fecebook pages under Bonnie Rannald’s PhotoGraphic Expressions, an artist page, a business page and a friend’s page.

  3. Kathleen thank you, I am so appreciative for your reply to my comment on your blog. I have found Social Media beneficial to the promotion of my business, Bonnie Rannald’s PhotoGraphic Expressions. Not only do I use Facebook, I also have a website and a blog, which I try to update weekly. I look forward to your interesting and informative posts, thank you for sharing.

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