Places– of Charm

Here are two ways to green-up:  1). Use Power Strips to Avoid “Phantom Load.”
A phantom load is the energy sapped by appliances when they are plugged in but not turned on – in the average home this accounts for 40% of the energy bill! Plug your appliances into power strips to turn off your TV, DVD, stereo, and cell phone charger in one fell swoop. If 10,000 people plug their cable boxes into power strips that are turned off when not watching TV, $300,000 per year would be saved. 7 Outlet Charging Station Surge Protector

2).  Go Soy With Your Candles.
Looking for a cleaner burn? Soy candles are free of petroleum, unlike conventional wax candles, and are nearly soot-free so they won’t pollute the air in your apartment or leave those nasty smoke marks on your walls. They burn up to 50% longer than wax candles and cost about the same – good for those of us who don’t exactly have money to, um, burn.

Salem Weathervane Vintage Teacup Soy Candle by ReBop Shop/Sandra


8 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. Becky Greenwald

    Thanks for the tips, Kathleen. I want to be a green renter. Little things make a huge difference when everybody joins in. I enjoy planting vegetables and tending to them on my balcony garden.

  2. Elizabeth Morris

    Besides making sure a leaky faucet is fixed, there are lots of things renters can do to make their apartment more eco-friendly. I am going to buy a power strip.

  3. Elizabeth Morris

    Wishing your daughter the best– I have been reading posts here and know she’s going to CSU Chico State. I’ve driven through that charming college town.

  4. Kathleen Rowland

    Elizabeth, Janice is looking forward to outdoor activities on week ends– kayacking, camping, hiking, rafting, etc. It’s a kind of “green” person’s haven.

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