Places– of Charm

Pacific Grove is known as Butterfly Town, and residents worry that severe tree trimming keeps monarchs away.  In fact a municipal ordinance imposes a fine of a thousand dollars for butterfly molestation!  Not sure what that is, but I’m guessing it could be capture for mounting!  Beginning in 1939 kindergarteners, wearing orange and black wings, have put on an annual butterfly parade in this town of 15,000.   Migrating butterflies are expected to arrive in about a month, but here’s the flap described by Mayor Carmelitia Garcia:  “Tree cutting was a horrible mistake.”  The pruning of eucalyptus was meant to remove old dead limbs, but trimmers did not consult with habitat experts. 

Monarch Butterfly Being Attacked 001 by Chrisser

9 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Kathleen, I’ve heard Pacific Grove is going to bring in potted (20 feet high) blue gum eucalyptus to help with the monarch problem.

  2. Bob Hedges

    It could be that the dwindling butterfly population has to do with three years of drought in the Central Valley. The drought withered the milkweed that breeding butterflies feed on.

  3. Wade Coleman

    Storms (the severe kind) may have played a part. In any case, the habit experts are going to map every tree in the Pacific Grove sanctuary and assess various spots for moisture, sun, and wind.

  4. Bob Hedges

    Wade, I’m pretty sure they will suggest planting more eucalyptus trees and using more care when pruning. Something tells me the trimmers went hog-wild and removed more than just dead branches.

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