People appreciation

On the stylish walls of the Huxables (TV’s “Bill Cosby Show) Varnette Honeywood’s vivid and joyful paintings were often featured.  This great African American artist died Sunday of cancer at the age of 59.  Bill Cosby believed Honeywood’s images of the black culture captured family love.  In Cosby’s words, “Her work had depth and storytelling.  She just knocked it out of the ballpark every time.”

Double Dare <font color=red>SOLD OUT</font> Gossip in the Sanctuary <font color=red>SOLD OUT</font>   Greens for Money, Peas for Luck 

4 thoughts on “People appreciation

  1. Varnette Patricia Honeywood grew up in Los Angeles. Her parents, both elementary school teachers, moved there from Mississippi and Louisiana. Yarnette had an uncle who did graveyard sculpture in Mississippi.

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