Places– of Charm

Whenever I watch family shows on TV, I observe and admire the talent of set designers.  Once (when our kids were much younger and enjoyed watching Gilmore Girls) we visited Stars Hallow at the studios.  The details (such as the collection of salt and pepper shakers in Lorelie’s house) were amazing.  These days the ever-evolving family T.V. home decor seems to be either Craftsman or art gallery modern.  Parenthood‘s Braverman “Berkley” residence, their (Craftsman) home for thirty years, is filled with hierlooms. Set decorator Julianne Getman aims for worn, comfortable, but without clutter such as scouring pads!  Getman likes Benjamin Moore colors– green-gray Saybrook Sage, featured in Pottery Barn.  I admit to copying experts when it comes to holiday decor.  We’re empty nesters and don’t want our exterior to look overly juvenile anymore!


6 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. I started my crow collection last year. In the front garden of our house, we have lots of sun. The pumpkin vine has real, developing pumpkins, but I also stuck in some fake ones and orange balls (which Roxanne and D’mitri will find the next time they stop over).

  2. Here’s an idea to try– take the treaters through a dark space, and on the table they have to touch things but can’t see them. Set out a bowl of single grapes, and as you lead them along, tell them, they’re eyeballs. Set out a bowl of cooked spaghetti and tell them, they’re guts. Oh, the squeals of horror!!

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