People appreciation– getting along with pets

About a month ago I bought a guinea pig, complete with a “loft apartment-cage and other supplies.  My grandson named him Buddy. Guinea pig by Seismic_2000     Although Buddy is still skiddish, doesn’t like to be held (disappears into his blue plastic igloo) he purrs when he hears my voice.  Yes, that’s right, he purrs.  He seems to appreciate getting his apartment cleaned and likes a little treat (kale) with his guinea pig food mix.  I bought him for our grandchildren Guinea Pig by Futuregirl_LeahRiley , but I am enjoying Buddy who is affectionate in his own sweet way.

7 thoughts on “People appreciation– getting along with pets

  1. I need to add, I’m allergic to animals and that is why he is outside or in the garage. I move him outside in a shady area of the patio during the day. Our dog Barkley likes to sit beside his cage, but I wouldn’t trust a dog with a guinea pig.

  2. Guinea pigs make wonderful companions– very docile members of the rodents and rarely bite. They live from five to seven years. After ours passed away, I missed his delightful sounds when we entered the room where Sweetie was.

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