Make handicrafts– for fun

These elegant pillows are easy, No-Sews!    No-sew pillow My grandson D’mitri and family live in Dana Point, and the nautical fabric is fitting.  He took a sailing class over the summer and loves to surf with Dad (my son).  Directions: Use a pillow insert of any shape or just use loose filling. Start by deciding on the size of your cushion, if you are using a insert then you need to lay your cushion insert onto your fabric but add about 3/4 inch for the hem (larger than what wraps around the insert) and cut it out.  this will become the tassels for tying later.   You need to cut out 2 of these one for each side of the pillow case.   If you are using loose filling then cut out your fabric to your desired size and shape. You will need 2 of these one for each side of the pillow.

To save time you can pin the two sides together and cut them together.   Next, you need to close up your pillow. Do this by starting in one corner and tying one fringe from each side of the pillow together into a knot. (see above picture) this will join both sides. Continue to do this till you have knotted up all 3 sides.  Insert your filling or cushion insert then close up the top of the pillow by finishing off the knots.   The valentine shape can work as Christmas decor if colors are green and red! 

No-Sew Fleece Pillow 

15 thoughts on “Make handicrafts– for fun

  1. Janessa, Janice pledged Sigma Kappa! She was impressed with the girls who invited her to various events– warm, caring, involved in philanthropies, and serious about future careers (and consequently, GPA). She’s absolutely thrilled to be a part.

  2. Janice admired their dedication with charity work and also that so many are involved in CAVE (Community Action for Education) where they volunteer in the surrounding area. She had joined just after the semester started and liked their enthusiasm for charity work. Mostly, Sigma Kappas are just nice girls.

  3. At Chico State today– the campus’s Up ‘til Dawn executive board will shave students’ heads and sell barbeque to raise money and awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

  4. Other volunteers shave their heads as well. All this takes place around noon. Members of the Greek community will sell hamburgers, chips and soda for $5, and donate all proceeds to St. Jude.

  5. Head shaving is very symbolic. “Bald is Beautiful” represents positive the effects chemotherapy has on patients. Patients (kids) at St Judes have bald heads, and this means the chemo is working. To patients this means they have a chance to beat the cancer, and if you have a chance, you have hope.

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