People craft– getting along with yourself

What’s more fun for empty nesters than visiting the five birds who have left the nest?  My husband and I are leaving for Boston to visit our daughter, Marla Kathryn and her boyfriend.   Yes, they are dating exclusively, and we invited him to spend Thanksgiving with us.  As soon as Jonathan knows his work schedule, my husband will buy two tickets– Thanksgiving is the busiest time for air travel during the entire year!  He has invited Marla to visit his family in Dartmouth twice.  It’s time we reciprocated so that he can meet our family.  Below is a photo of a garden in Boston.


We will return on Tuesday of next week.  I promise to tell all about it!  Below are a few decorating ideas for fall.


2 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. Mary Alice, I have my ears tuned but haven’t heard wedding bells. Seems that the younger generation waits until late twenties/ early thirties to get married. The tough economy might have something to do with it or, they just want to get their careers launched. Marla is 24, and Jonathan is 25.

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