Eat– for Good Health

During the depression and other hard times, families ate fried dough.   The photo below of a depression era share cropper’s wife with seven children is representative of the poor who subsisted on it, often for weeks on end, barely staying alive.  Yes, the children developed rickets and many people died from starvation.  Fried dough is a short step above mud pies, and they ate them also, although this was not as widely known as it is today in Haiti.  In either case, they fill their bellies to stave off hunger with substances that have zero nutritional value.  Knowing this, why are people willing to pay hard-earned money for cupcakes and cakes?  Sure, they’re pretty and traditional for weddings and birthdays, but they have little to offer the body on an everyday basis. 


5 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. A single cupcake from Sprinkles is $3.50. They do taste good, but I had to break myself of the habit. Pretty fattening mostly because the sugar high made me want more junk! Next, I’d be eating from the office vending machine.

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