Places– of Charm

Going to Chico means going on hikes.  On Saturday morning my husband, our CSU Chico college student Janice, and I walked for an Alzheimer charity event at Bidwell Park.  The next day we hiked in Upper Bidwell Park.

photo Bidwell Mansion in Chico, below:

File:Bidwell Mansion 2006 11 IMGP0863.JPG


11 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. The huge Bidwell Park is courtesy of John Bidwell, an early (1840s) emigrant on the California Trail. John Sutter employed Bidwell as his business manager shortly after Bidwell’s arrival. Shortly after the James W. Marshall’s discovery at Sutter’s Mill, Bidwell also discovered gold on the Feather River establishing a productive claim at Bidwell Bar in advance of the California Gold Rush. Bidwell obtained the four square league Rancho Los Ulpinos Mexican land grant in 1844, and the two square league Rancho Colus grant on the Sacramento River in 1845; later selling that grant and buying Rancho Arroyo Chico on Chico Creek to establish a ranch and farm.

  2. Making dinner for Janice’s suite mates and a couple of other friends was fun. My motive was to get to know some of the people she’s talked about. Now I can picture them! They appreciated having a home prepared meal. Janice was hoping for leftovers, but there weren’t any!

  3. Janessa, “L” is an abrasive kidder– she thinks she’s funny, but it is always at someone’s expense. For instance “L” asked their Japanese suite mate what her shoe size was and said she’d noticed her huge feet. Now, that is an insult. Also, she tries to get everyone to buy stuff that she wants. Janice had bought a saucer chair for their patio, and Laura wanted her to buy another one for her!

  4. Pam House

    Hi Kathleen, I just happened upon your blog while I was googling John Bidwell and was quite surprised to find my photo of Upper Bidwell on your site. I really don’t mind you using it and am actually quite pleased, but would appreciate giving me credit for the photo. Thanks!

    1. Oh Pam, I thought I had gotten it from a public area when googling Bidwell. After I return from bringing my daughter back up to Chico for spring semester, I would like to feature you and your beautiful photos on my blog. I hope to repay you for lifting one of your photos. Sorry!

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