Eat– for Good Health

Have you noticed in your women’s magazines that recipes are heavier at this time of year?  Do pork chops need to have a coating of brown sugar to be good?  Do vegetables need butter and sugar?  Nope!  Resist, friends, and know that between Halloween and New Years, most people gain seven pounds.  If you want to change up the flavor of any vegetable, try a sprinkle of parsley or make it taste buttery with a squeeze of lemon.  Using sugar-free apricot preserves and butter spray, my glazed snap peas and carrots are so good that even kids love them.  Bring a half cup water to a boil, and cook carrots and snap peas until fork-tender, from 3 to 5 minutes.  Transfer to a serving bowl, and enjoy them knowing you haven’t added calories to vegetables.  A couple tablespoons of sugar-free apricot preserves and butter spray will add only 20 calories!  This vegetable dish is a nice accompaniment to plain, broiled lean pork chops, the other white meat.  Honey Glazed Pea Pods and Carrots Recipe


11 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. Here in California we trick or treat on the night of Halloween, but in the Midwest, kids go out on Halloween Eve. Janessa, when Halloween is over, I break my pumpkins apart into small pieces and place them in a corner of my backyard for birds and squirrels. They feast on them.

  2. Mary Alice, when our kids were young, they seemed to enjoy going, too. I taught Sunday School (one of their classes) and with the lessons, we played games and made things that went with it. Afterward, it gave us interesting topics to talk over.

  3. Usually not, Mary Alice, unless they’re home for holidays. We always go together at Christmas and Easter. Our oldest son started going because he’s dating a Filipina, and she probably wouldn’t date him if he didn’t go with her!

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